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Auto Detailing

Post by scionwithbass on Fri Feb 10, 2012 12:48 am

I had a website but I haven't renewed it yet since last summer. Anyway, I do auto detailing in the summer for extra cash. It will make your car look like a gem. Car washes look good for 2 days, but really they are scratching the crap out of your car. If you look at your cars paint you will see TONS os small scratches all over it. That makes your clear coat blurry/hazy. I take out these scratches and restore your clear coat and make the color of the car come back. This is my list of things I can do and prices. My prices are LOW compared to any local detail, well around here I know its $450 for the basic. And I do the same if not better job than they do, I learned how to detail like a pro at my Auto Tech school.

Edit: I just realized this was supposed to go in the NON car audio for sale section, sorry!

This cars front bumper had no clear coat on it and was almost to the primer so I couldn't help the bumper. But the rest of the car was as good looking as the hood, never garage kept since 95.

My favorite picture, this is my 13 year old, never kept in a garage stock honda paint job after restoring the paint. Beautiful cheers


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