Single 12" Box, 2.25 @ 30hz, 3/4 MDF

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Single 12" Box, 2.25 @ 30hz, 3/4 MDF

Post by UnderFire17 on Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:43 pm

Selling it for 60$ plus shipping, firm that is cost of materials.

Cutout: about 11 3/8
Top depth: 9 1/2
Bottom depth: 15
Height: 22
Width: 20
About 14 sq inches of port per cube

Carpet is crappy around the port and terrible on the back.

Sounded great, no port noise, ran a DD 2512a on 1300. Ran sub forward, port side in a Dodge Dakota quad cab.

Located in Dayon, OR, near Salem.

Same username on Forums, no 17 after the username.


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