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FS: DC 175.4 Empty FS: DC 175.4

Post by OrangeJuiced on Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:43 pm

I'm selling my DC 175.4. It's in great condition! I've had it in my truck for about 3 months ran at 2 ohms. Works and sounds great. Pushes a ton of power.

I'm getting another 4 channel amp for free, so I'm selling this to get some cash before the holidays. Not really interested in trades except for BC2000 + cash.

Price is $400 shipped.
Best way to get a hold of me is by text, 602-663-7554.
My location is Scio, Oregon.

FS: DC 175.4 8FAAED2A-0455-4745-9B93-B9ED7A3206BA-4083-00000452A7ACAA13
FS: DC 175.4 56EC40B8-3828-47B9-A47C-018447A96226-4083-000004500BDEE868
FS: DC 175.4 45C6E060-BECC-47C9-9F90-12C0FE9C72BC-4083-000004503ECF74CD


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