IASCA 4x weekend Aug 18-19

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IASCA 4x weekend Aug 18-19 Empty IASCA 4x weekend Aug 18-19

Post by Slammed on Fri Aug 10, 2012 4:06 pm

IASCA 4x weekend for SPL competitors. 3x for SQ. How?
Aug 18, Summer Slam in Arlington, WA put on by Sittin Pretti. IASCA 1x SPL only event. Register between 8-10AM, judging starts immediately after meeting at 10:30 (or sooner). Pay $5 entry at gate to Sittin Pretti, then drive over to the IASCA tent to register and get classified before parking - $20 1st format, $15 2nd AFTER $5 gate fee. Huge raffle at 3. Free for spectators. Also come enjoy the mini-truck show.
Aug 19, Summer Night Market in Richmond, BC. IASCA Western Canadian Finals, 3x SPL and SQ, US competitors are welcome to enter. 3ft trophies.

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IASCA 4x weekend Aug 18-19 Empty Re: IASCA 4x weekend Aug 18-19

Post by scionwithbass on Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:33 pm

I found out about this today and was wondering why it hadent been put up, and now it is. Whos going?

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